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Many travelers are often scared or discouraged from travelling to Europe because of the perceived expensive costs. However, if they only take note of a few important tips, then they might find that they can actually enjoy their travel to Europe without spending an extravagant amount of money.

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One important thing that can help travelers save money on their travel to Europe is to consider the actual dates that they plan to visit a particular destination. Peak seasons can vary from country to country. Therefore, taking care to avoid those peak seasons will already help you in getting a good price for your airfare.

Summertime is often the busiest season for many Europe-bound airlines. Many families are heading to France, Great Britain, etc. to enjoy the summer break from late May to early June. Naturally, airfares are most expensive during this season since they will have to answer to the large influx of tourists.

However, if you really must travel to Europe during the summer season, then it is best that you make it an early vacation. Beating the summer rush will give you a chance to purchase airplane tickets before they increase in price. Conversely, you can also opt to take a late vacation and travel to Europe a few days before Labor Day.

If you plan to travel to Europe with only a moderate budget on hand, then you can choose to make your trip either during the spring or autumn seasons. Although you might think that that affordable price is due to bad weather conditions during those seasons, you could not be more mistaken.

Both spring and fall seasons actually allow tourists to experience the best that Europe has to offer. The moderately chilly climate and low tourist influx gives you the best time to see the sights without much discomfort. Nevertheless, you should still take note of the schedule for spring break during the months of March to June so that you do not end up in a train full of vacationing students.

For obvious reasons, airfares for travel to Europe are at their cheapest during the winter season. However if you are not particularly fond of the snow, then the best time would be to go in October to avoid the large snowfalls. Conversely, you can also go to Europe in March to avoid the freezing weather all together.

Although the snow will discourage many tourists from going out to explore the sights, it is still a welcome sight for many winter sports enthusiasts. However, it should also be noted that winter can still be a peak season for countries that are specially catered to winter sports. The snowy mountain slopes of Austria and Switzerland are the favorite destinations of many skiers and snowboarders during the months of December to January.

Predictably, holidays are the worst time to travel to Europe regardless of the season. Surprisingly however, you can actually get a good price for your plane ticket if you book your flight a few months before the actual holiday. For the Christmas season in particular, many airlines will hold a pre-holiday sale for tickets on October or November. Likewise, they could laso hold a post-holiday sale during the months of January and February.

Overall, May, June, and September are the best months to travel to Europe if you want to save on airfare. The best part is that the weather is also quite pleasant during these periods of low tourist influx. Nevertheless, the agreeable weather conditions should still not make you complacent as you pack for your trip. The items in your luggage should be able to help you adapt to the particular weather conditions that you will encounter during the season.

Springtime is a particularly tricky season since the occasional rain showers would require a different set of waterproof clothing items. Although February is a good time to travel to Europe, the cheap airfare is primarily due to the unfavorable weather conditions. In particular, spending February in London will mean being exposed to 34 F weather.

Wintertime would require items of clothing that you could easily layer on top of each other. However, it is still best that you do not over pack for your winter trip. Often you only need one good outer coat that you can wear repeatedly for several days. Simply bring various thermal innerwear and under garments that you can easily wash during your travel to Europe.

Summertime would require packing clothing made of lightweight materials to help you combat the dry summer heat. Likewise, you should also pack your swimwear and sunscreen if a trip to the beach is a part of your itinerary.

Clothing meant for specific locations should also be given space in your luggage. Conservative outfits are often de rigueur inside museums and churches. Therefore, make sure that you are appropriately dressed if your itinerary includes visits to the Louvre in France or the Vatican City in Italy.

You should also make sure that you pack a pair of sturdy and comfortable walking shoes since you will be doing a lot of walking as you explore the many artworks and architectural wonders of Europe. Likewise, include extra batteries and chargers for your cameras so that you can take numerous pictures and videos of those one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Although the cold climate will keep you from sweating, you should still not neglect your personal hygiene on your European trip. Some hotels might provide you with small sized shampoos, soaps, and conditioners, but it really is best if you bring your own supply. Lotion is something that you should definitely have a large supply of since the cold wind could easily dry out your skin and cause painful wounds.

If you plan to visit any places that require strict observance of proper attire, make sure that you also bring at least one formal item that will help you blend in with the crowd. Proper etiquette and decorum is highly prized in most European countries. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are always appropriate in both manner and dress to avoid earning any disapproving glances.

Le Guide Ultime for Your Travel to Europe

Over 600 milllion tourists from all over the world come to travel to Europe. It is known for its iconic landmarks, ancient structures, churches, beaches and rich culture. France, Spain and Italy are the top three most visited destinations in Europe. The continent is made mostly of one huge mass of land so transportation from one country to another is easy through train systems. It would be truly interesting and enjoyable to travel to Europe and experience the best of its sights, sounds, and culture. There is an online tour operator to help find the perfect package for you or your group. To start with, here is a guide for every type of adventure-hungry traveler who wants to explore the wonders of Europe.

Iconic Landmarks

Paris, often dubbed as the City of Love, has the iconic Eiffel Tower. Annually, 7 million visitors travel to Europe just to see this tower. The city also lures tourists for its Sacré Coeur. It is a sacred place where people come to pray at to witness a breath taking view of the area from a good vantage point. Kids would also enjoy the city for its Disneyland. Another landmark in Europe is its walls with love locks. Padlocks are placed by lovers from around the world as symbols of eternal love. Love locks can be found in Ponte Milvio, Rome, Italy, in Praque, Czech Republic, in Ukraine and Cologne, Germany.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is also one of the most visited tourist spots in the city. The church has iconic sculptures and ancient pieces that are well restored within its walls. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, turkey has 15 million annual tourists. It has ceramics, carpets, lanterns, copperware, and jewelries for shoppers looking for bargain finds. I Czech, Prague is a popular destination because of its cities that were able to withstand World War II. It has cobblestoned walkways, courtyards and medieval looking churches. Dublin in Ireland also attracts travelers for its parks, zoos and boutiques. In addition, another iconic place to visit during a travel to Europe is the The Colosseum. Also regarded as Flavian Amphitheatre, this amphitheater in Rome, Italy was built 2,000 years ago.


Europe is famous for its various kinds of alcoholic drinks. For that, we can assure that it is a one stop place for party animals. Ibiza has been known as the best party place in the world. Travelers from all over the world come over this city in Spain for its nightlife and great drinks. Usually, events begin around 11 PM in clubs. Barcelona and Pamplona are also other party spots around Spain. Amsterdam is another popular party place in Europe for its explicit sexual shows. Red Light District is famous for women who would party on just their underwear. Athens is also a good choice for both outdoor and indoor parties. Parties along the beach is also popular among the Greeks.


For more fun filled travel to Europe, every tourist should try out its beautiful beaches. Bulgaria is home to shorelines with gold-like sand. The Golden Sands beach is also acclaimed for its environment friendly practices. Croatia is another country with scenic natural spots. The Biokvo Mountains appears pinkish from afar. The Baska Voda beach is just a few hours away from the cities and is a popular choice among travelers. In Brittany, The Pentrez Plage Beach is a spot for surfing, fine white sand and pools. Pebbles and limestone can be found along the shores of Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia. It has also been a popular destination among photographers.


Every art enthusiast would have the Musee du Louvre on his or her itinerary list. It houses renowned paintings like the legendary Mona Lisa, and is known for its very unique architectural design. It has a 70 foot pyramid shaped entrance that’s made of glass. Also in Paris, the Musee D’Orsay displays famous sculpture and paintings like Moret, Cezanne and Renoir. It also displays some gallery exhibits occasionally like the Art of Paper. The National Gallery in Prague has world-class Baroque artworks, as well as Cubism and Czech pieces.

In Bruges, every art lover would visit the Groenige Museum for its wide range of art collections from Netherlands and Belgium. Contemporary and cultural pieces can be found in the Tate Britain in London. It allows visitors to have a unique experience from its culture-rich paitings. The restored East Side Gallery in the Berlin wall is also another must-see in Europe. It is an iconic wall because of the artwork from artists who came together after the demise of the Berlin Wall in 1990. For those who wants to see Van Gogh’s masterpieces, surely the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is the ultimate destination.

European Cuisine

Amsterdam offers unique dining experience for tourists who travel to Europe with its range of floating restaurants and ferryboats. Delectable Dutch pastries include the pancake-like Poffertjes, the Stroopwafels and Limburgse vlaai. Greek cuisine is also one of the best tasting food in the world and chefs in Athens knows how to lure its tourists to its flavors. Their food are perfect with ouzo liquors and wines. In Barcelona, tourists who travel to Europe should try their tapa restaurants, Patatas Bravas, guacamole and salads made from fresh ingredients. Of course, travel to Europe wouldn’t be complete without trying the pastries in French including their chusson aux pommes, Pain au Raisin and chocolat. For full course meals, the quiche, omelet, steak tartare and coq au vin are to die for.

Shopping Destinations

When you travel to Europe, be sure to stash some extra euro with you because this continent is home to lots of retail shopping places. The Colosseum in Bucharest, Romania is one of the best shopping destinations for people who travel in Europe. It houses almost 500 shops and a gigantic cinema, high end restaurants and bowling alleys. London is another haven for shoppers for its luxurious boutiques situated around the city. Designer brands are thrive on the streets of Madrid. For thrift shopping, Montreal is a good choice for its wide range of discounted clothing. Shoppers would also enjoy the Catalan capital in Barcelona for its line of boutiques.

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